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Y&W Environmental

Providing a clean & green environment for you everyday

About Us

About Us

Y&W Environmental Pte Ltd is a one-stop integrated service provider for building owners.

We are specialized in cleaning, landscape maintenance and pest management services for both commercial and residential projects. 

We have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. Our past projects include shopping malls, commercial buildings, offices, factories, training centres, etc.  

We have obtained our NEA cleaning business and vector control operator licenses.

We are also a BCA registered contractor with BizSAFE3 Certification.


We aim to provide a clean & green environment for our clients.

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Our Mission

To deliver high quality integrated building services

Inculcating a safe and happy environment for our team

Our Vision

Providing excellent service to all of our customers

To be the leading integrated building service provider in Singapore

Our Values

Commitment to customers



Cleaning Services

We provide a wide range of cleaning and conservancy services for our clients.


Housekeeping Services

A regular maintenance for your

home by a team of professional cleaners 


Deep Cleaning

For end of tenancy agreement or

an annual cleansing to upkeep the estate


External Facade Cleaning

Facade and window cleaning services

using methods such as gondola and spiderman 


Polishing Services

Keeping your tiles polished restoring

them from scratches and etched marks 


Disinfection Services

Elimination of gems, bacteria and viruses

to decontaminate any diseases of outbreaks


Carpet Cleaning

To remove stains through

carpet cleaning and shampooing


Landscape Services

We provide an array of landscape services for residential and industrial clients.

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Turf Management

To provide lawn maintenance

services by our team of professional


Landscape Implementation

To infuse landscape 

design into your buildings

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Horticultural Maintenance

To provide high quality horticultural maintenance to upkeep your environment


Consultancy Services

To understand your needs and

craft a landscape proposal for you

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Arboricultural Maintenance

To provide arboricultural services

such as tree pruning and arborist reports


Irrigation Installation

Installation of irrigation system

to ensure the daily watering of landscape


Pest Management

We have a wealth of experience in offering solutions for all types of pest problems.



To provide a pest free

environment for your workplace


F&B Establishments

Creating preventive measures for your restaurant to ensure a great dining experience 


Shopping Malls

To implement a completely integrated

pest management solution for your vendors


Hotels & Resorts

To eliminate pests and provide a safe

sleeping environment for your hotel guests



To provide a safe and pest free

environment for your residences 


Golf Courses

We ensure that your golf course is

free of pest before your golfers next big game

Pest Management
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